Privacy Policy

Easy-to-read summary

Your information and complete ride data is stored on your phone and never transferred without you initiating it. (e.g. sharing a ride on Facebook or uploading to Ride With GPS)

Anonymous position data will be transferred to Map Quest throughout your ride to generate accurate elevation and gradient data. You can enable ‘low power mode’ to avoid this. We reserve the right to change which website is used to provide this service and will notify you on the about screen of the app and here on the website.

Android permissions

For Velodroid to function it requires access to certain features of your phone. Here is an explanation of how we use each.

Your location

Velodroid requires your location for GPS tracking.

Network communication

Velodroid uses a connection to the internet to receive accurate elevation and gradient data; for determining the start and end place names of your ride; for sharing your rides on Facebook; and, if you have Velodroid Free, for displaying advertisements.


Velodroid saves temporary data and backup data to the SD card.

Phone Calls

Velodroid checks to see if you’re on the phone, or if the phone is ringing before announcing your current statistics. A loud voice announcement during a phone call would be annoying.

System Tools

Velodroid needs to prevent your phone from sleeping so that the GPS can be constantly receiving data. Velodroid also needs to be notified if the phone has just rebooted, to enable the app to restart immediately if the phone shuts down or restarts during a ride. If you’re not recording a ride Velodroid will never run in the background.


Velodroid sometimes uses the vibrate feature of a phone as a notification.

Precise Android permissions

For those interested the precise Android permissions used are: