1. How do I upload a ride to RideWithGPS?
  2. How do I upload a ride to Strava?
  3. Why can’t I see gradient data?
  4. Velodroid can’t see the GPS! What’s wrong?

1. How do I upload a ride to RideWithGPS?

You can upload to RideWithGPS directly from within Velodroid. All you need is a RWGPS log in!

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up with Ride With GPS: (log in with your email and not Facebook)
  2. Open Velodroid
  3. Press Menu
  4. Press RideWithGPS
  5. Press RideWithGPS Account
  6. Enter your RideWithGPS Email address and Password
  7. Press Save
  8. Press Back until you’re back at the main Velodroid screen.
  9. Click Ride Log and then long click the ride you wish to upload
  10. Select Upload to RideWithGPS

2. How do I upload a ride to Strava?

  1. Sign up to Strava
  2. Open Velodroid
  3. Open the Ride Log and long press on the ride you wish to upload
  4. Select Send…
  5. Select GPX file. A new email should open. Note: you must send this email using the same email account you used to sign up to Strava
  6. Type in as the recipient
  7. Send it.

The ride will appear in Strava within a short time, often within 5 mins.

 3. Why can’t I see gradient data?

If you can’t see gradient data then you’ve either enabled the Low Power Mode available in the Settings or you don’t have access to the internet during a ride. We disable the gradient tracking when the internet is unavailable because the GPS chip is just too inaccurate to determine your gradient reliably.

 4. Velodroid doesn’t get a GPS fix! What’s wrong?

If you’re outside then Velodroid should be able to see GPS satellites. It can take 30 seconds or more depending on when you last used the GPS and Velodroid may say that it can’t see the GPS for a moment. Wait and within 60 seconds it should begin recording. Rarely, something goes wrong with your phone’s GPS chip and Velodroid, along with other GPS using apps, won’t be able to get a GPS fix. The best way to fix this is to turn the GPS chip off and then on again via Settings | Location | Use GPS Satellites (or the respective menu option on your model of phone).